State of the Inbox Address…

I have responded to all queries sent prior to 6/26. If you sent your query on or before 6/26/2011 and have not received a response, my aggressive and rabid spam watchdog probably ate it. Please re-send.

I have responded to all requested material sent on or before 6/20/2011. If you sent me requested material on or before this date, the watchdog probably ate it. Please re-send.

Just because I think it is fun and interesting, here are some stats:

Number of queries waiting to be read: 534 and counting. (I had both a nightmare and a nice, unattainable dream about them last night. In the nightmare, they of course rose up out of my iPhone and swallowed me whole. In the wonderful dream, they were all bestsellers and then box-office hits and I became rich and famous.)

Average number of queries received per day: 41

Number of queries for chick lit: 15

” Crime: 7

” Fantasy and science fiction: 31

” Commercial or mainstream fiction: 31

” Historical fiction: 24

” Lesbian fiction: 1

” Literary fiction: 43

” Speculative fiction: 9

” Memoir: 34

” Middle-grade: 53

” Mystery: 33

” Non-fiction: 27

” Romance: 30

” Steampunk: 2

“Women’s fiction: 28

” YA: 126

Queries received for genres I do not represent:

Anthologies/collections: 3

Westerns: 1

Single short stories: 4

Spirituality: 3

Children’s picture books: 2

Horror: 2

Cookbooks: 1

Suspense/thriller: 23

Humor: 1


Percentage of queries that entice me to ask for more: 5%

Percentage of proposals that entice me to request the full: 26%

Percentage of fulls to which I offer representation: 35%

Average time it takes me to respond to queries: 20 days (I reserve 6 weeks response time)

Average time it takes me to respond to requested material:30 days (I reserve 6-8 weeks response time)

Average hours per day I spend reading: 4.2

Average hours per day I spend writing email, rejection, revision, pitch and request letters: 3.1

Average hours per day I spend doing administrative tasks: 3

Hours per day during which I feel like I love my job: 24










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  1. Thank you Lauren for this and all your other postings. Writing and dreaming about writing can be a pretty lonely task, but it’s nice to be able to read the stories of other dreamers sometimes. The information you provide is invaluable. I’m happy you’ve managed to find a career that allows you to indulge your passion. I’m sure your writers are too.

  2. I love posts like these. So informative! It’s nice to see others sending work in your genre… sometimes you feel alone, and though it could be viewed as a good thing I like to know there are more ME’s out there too!

    PS – I have to say I’ve always wondered if agents dream about their work. It could be very nightmarish! I’m thinking along the lines of that silly video I watched last night called Plot Device…

  3. Walter Dinjos

    Pity. It seems agenting is a lot harder than writing.

  4. oh i love to read agent stats for the same reason i love to look at my own stats on querytracker. Numbers are fun!
    I’m also surprised by how many queries you’ve gotten for genres you don’t rep. I guess i just forget that not everyone does their research

  5. Love to see the background stuff like this. Thank you. Also great to know that I am still in the pile awaiting your view and that the category is only moderately saturated. Keep up the good fight, we writers love to hear your advice and journey.

    Dustin Scott

  6. Wow, great post! I love seeing agent stats. Now I know you’re almost to my query (yay!)

  7. I like that your response times are usually never reached. Under-promise and over-deliver is a philosophy of many businesses, and it works. I think it shows motivation. Liking your job is a bonus as well. So few of us actually like our work. Good for you.

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