I’m the assistant publisher of four digital-only imprints of Entangled PublishingCovet, Brazen, Bliss and Scandalous.

I no longer have a slush pile of my own, but this blog was titled as I began my career at Simon and Schuster’s Touchstone/Fireside imprint in 2008. Shortly after, I hopped over to the agency side of the business and rapidly climbed the ranks to become a literary agent  at BookEnds, LLC, where I had way too much fun for a person sitting in an office and gained an invaluable perspective on this ancient and ever-evolving industry.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language from Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and I’m currently 3 credits short of my M.S. in book publishing, which is like an MBA for publishing people.

I’m available and interested in all things literary, like:

  • Blogging, of course. I love to guest blog and switch-blog, as well as feature others on mine
  • Conferences and events

I live in New Jersey with my family and my personal interests include watching movies, reading (for fun, still) traveling and making my three-year-old son, Henry, laugh.

  1. I’m in your Social Networking class at the Las Vegas Writers Conference, and you’ve done a great job!

  2. Lauren, just noticed you’re in grad school AND you work–and take care of a baby! I’ve been there!!! Keep it up. Once you finish this, you’ll be able to do anything:))

    Christa Gala

  3. Lauren,

    Thanks for your blog, and I have two questions for you. Are you currently accepting Historical Romance queries, and you have a three hour commute in New Jersey? (Not being snarky. I live in Nebraska. 20 Minutes to work and back home. Three hours?)

  4. Lauren,

    I’m editor-in-chief of Publishing Trendsetter, while reading here the other day, was thrilled and honored to notice that you have us on your blogroll. Thank you so much!

    We’re working on a big new project over at Trendsetter, and are looking for other bloggers who might want to pitch in. I wonder if you might be interested to chat about what we’re doing and any ways SlushPileTales (and you, obviously) might like to be involved?

    Thanks ever so much and hope to be in touch soon,
    Elisabeth Watson

  5. Hi Lauren! Great blog. Thanks so much for sharing your unique insider’s view of the business. I, too, commute crazy-long distances (two hours each way) and don’t mind them so much thanks to my audiobook addiction.

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